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My name is Clayton Kolling. My family has been in agriculture production in the panhandle of Nebraska since the 1880s. From farming to ranching, I have valuable family and firsthand experience that allows me to provide a service to my customers with a personal understanding of this area’s agribusiness.

I was a district manager for Monsanto for three years representing the Channel brand in Southwest Nebraska. I wanted to get closer to home and worked for Simplot for two years as a seed manager. I had an opportunity to pursue my own business venture to represent the Channel brand as a Seedsman.

I started Northwest Ag Supply, LLC in 2019 with the goal to provide the best service and products available to producers in the panhandle. Going back to my roots in cattle, I added Biozyme minerals to my business for customers in need of excellent mineral supplements for livestock.  I want my customers to feel value in the products I offer and the services I provide. Contact us to see how we can help enhance your operation.

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VITAFERM® with the AMAFERM Advantage®. AMAFERM® is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying nutrient supply for maximum performance.


As a Channel Seedsman, I will work closely with you to make the best product recommendations with the highest performance potential for your growing conditions, helping to ensure your success.

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At an early age, I learned how to build a fence that will hold up to ornery yearlings and Nebraska blizzards. If you have a fence project you’d like to complete, give me a call and I’ll give you an estimate.

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